Friday, January 28, 2011

Writing Is Easy

All too often would-be writers talk themselves out of the pleasure and joy of writing all because they think it's too hard. Are you rocking that same boat?

Let me tell you right now...all those people who say writing is terribly hard are lying to you. Writing isn't hard. Writing is easy. Those who say it's hard think so because they make it hard.

There have been times when I said the same thing, "It's too hard. I can't do it. I can't write anything decent." But it was also during those times that I'd churn out quite a few pages every day, most of which was pretty decent writing.

What's even more interesting is that during the times when I thought writing was too hard, the biggest reason why I felt that way was because I had drained myself entirely of all creative energy I possessed. I worked myself to the bone, never stopping to refill my well or replenish my creative surges.


Make Writing Fun

The simple truth is that you have to make writing fun. Even more true is that there will be days when writing isn't fun at all. It will be hard work. But the end results and the gratification you feel at having completed the work will be well worth it all.

You can make writing fun by...

  • taking frequent breaks.
  • brainstorming with writer friends.
  • infuse creative ideas into your writing.
  • sketching a picture of your character(s).
  • creating a collage of certain aspects of your work to give you a visual goal.

Writing is easy if you make it easy. Writing is difficult if you make it difficult. Make writing what you want it to be. Love writing and it will love you right back. Despise it and it will return the heartache.

Do you think writing is easy?

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