Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Business Writing: Do you write to help others?

write to help othersThe main purpose of writing to promote your business is to help others. If the content you create is not fulfilling this intent, it’s virtually no good, and certainly a waste of your precious time.

The purpose of writing

You must come to the realization that there is a purpose for writing, and it isn’t just to throw something in the wind to “hopefully” gain your business some attention. At the core, there are really two purposes of using writing in your business.

most important reasons for writing

  1. Give your expert advice. As a business owner, you (should) have experience unique to your business. This experience can be translated into valuable content.
  2. Teach what you learn. When you pull from personal experience, you will write more passionately about the subject. This emotion translates into knowledge and helps build trust among you and your customer base.

For example, let’s say you are the owner and operator of a virtual assistant business. You are an expert at administrative duties. To take it a step further, you are extremely knowledgeable in creating databases. This is a unique skillset that could potentially attract major corporate clients. But if they don’t know about your knowledge, why should they care that you are a V.A.?

Use your knowledge and experience to create written content that:

  • shows you know what you’re taking about.
  • promotes your prior experience/jobs, within this specific niche.
  • explains examples of what you can do.


3 quick ways you can help others with your writing

  1. Solve a problem.
  2. Answer a question.
  3. Provide helpful tips.

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