Friday, February 4, 2011

Write To Help Others

how to help others with your writingYou hold the solution to a problem. Your patrons/audience needs that answer. Give them what they need with a How To article.

By giving your customer the answer to a problem they’re dealing with, you can add to the stability of that relationship and plant seeds of trust with them. When you can offer help for real problems, they will be more inclined to keep coming back for more.

How to write a “How To” article

Step 1: Name the problem. First, you need to pinpoint a specific problem your readers might be facing. For example, if you are a financial guru/coach, your target audience will include people wanting to get out of debt. That’s a real problem—debt. Numerous people are seeking, right now, for answers as to what they can do to get themselves out of credit card debt.

Step 2: List steps to solve the problem. Now that you have a problem to solve, you’ll need to write steps on how they can solve that problem. Naturally, if you sell debt-counseling services, you won’t want to divulge all the information you hold. You do, however, want to give your readers some sensible steps to help them get on the right track.

Step 3: Re-iterate the problem, solution, and importance of the solution. To close your article, you can restate the problem. Then briefly recap the steps to solving that problem. Finally, to drive your point home, explain the importance of them following your advice to solve their problem. Show them the consequences of them not taking action. Make them want to use the knowledge you have given them.

Step 4: Offer additional steps or resources. As an extra little bit to your How To article, include bonus steps or resources at the end of the article. These might steps your reader can take to start a savings plan once they are debt-free. Or, it might be a simple list of links to additional resources you think might further help them.

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